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Bottom 20(of my Top 500 Overall Artists)

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Lastfm is pretty great because it records my music listening habits. The top artists overall changes gradually over time based on what you listen to(and what you dont listen to). Usually when people look at their music, they look at it in terms of their favorite artists/genres and the least favorite. I was pretty bored when I decided to take a look at some other stuff, stuff that gets ignored, its music I kind of like and artists I dont all together hate.

19 plays and less…


Yeah Yeah Yeahs – I like Maps like most everybody else and one other song I dont like or play enough to remember.

The rest of the list after the jump


Cormega – He’s a decent rapper but most of his songs sound the same. I’m good with Nas and AZ, and countless NYC “street knowledge” rappers any new ‘Mega just feels like..overkill.


Vampire Weekend – I checked out their music to feel like less like a hater. I liked the first half of the album, but the rest isnt so special.


Mary J. Blige – Certain people who know me will repeatedly reference the fact that I dont listen to “real” r&b. Thats because it usually bores me. This post has helped me delete “Be Without You”, dropping my MJB collection to “My Life” and


Battles – I’ve been meaning to check out Battles, instead I keep playing this remix I’m not even a big Joell Ortiz fan but the remix makes me wanna listen to more of both of them.


Tears for Fears – To me they’ve mostly been those guys sampled in “If I Ruled the World”, and they were on the GTA Vice City Soundtrack.


Good Charlotte – Brings back a lot of nostalgia. I was almost surprised they’re so low but I heard an old song of theirs in a commercial and hated it. Guess its a sign of musical evolution?


Yesterday’s New Quintet -Madlib’s jazz project. Like Battles it intrigues me but I havent looked around for the music much.


Rhymefest – Blue Collar was pretty bland. I havent played the Man in the Mirror since it first dropped. “Get Plugged” ft. Little Brother and Elzhi gives me hope for El Che but until then Rhymefest is bottom feeding.


Del tha Funkee Homosapien – I’ve spelled Del’s name wrong a lot so that hasnt helped. I listen to Deltron more personally but the 11th Hour might give Del a boost for me.


Bishop Lamont & Black Milk – Detroit/LA underground teamed up for this (1 time?) mixtape. Caltroit didnt have much shelf life for me. Lamont and Milk kind of get stale pretty quick. I remember a lot of dj drops too.


Coldplay – In high school I really liked “Yellow”. I still really like it and nothing else.


Pase Rock – I checked out Pase Rock around the same time I gave Spank Rock a chance. Neither stuck at the time, but Pase’s plays are the same from 06. The OG version of the “Lindsay Lohan’s Revenge” video has been yanked by the corporate mafia, but this one still adds to the enjoyment of the song.


Styles P – He has a lot of talent though it doesnt always come through in his music. I should probably start from scratch and check out his catalog again.


Marilyn Manson – I dont remember how it happened but I ended up going through his albums. I liked 3 songs. Thats 3 more than I would have expected.


Rage Against the Machine – I liked Rage in high school, but so did the local rock stations. Pretty much killing my enjoyment of RATM. Guitar Hero 3 rekindled a slight enjoyment(Tom Morello boss fight) so I am very, very slowly checking them out again.


Median – Kind of lost in the shuffle of the Justus League. Median’s a solid emcee but he never wowed me on his only solo mixtape so I never bothered to check out his album.


Team America: World Police – I’m a fan of explicit language and humor. This album has them both.


Termanology – This is a pretty lazy characterization but Termanology is a bit reminiscent of Royce da 5’9″, pretty strong flow, hooking up with Premo. Unlike Royce ,when he’s repetitive with subject matter you really notice. And he hasnt put out a solo album since 2005.


Genesis – Nas and countless rappers that sampled Phil Collin’s “In the Air Tonight” led me to check Phil Collin’s out. I couldnt stand his solo work but their Greatest Hits gets a pass.


Cartoon Network – I can only play random theme songs so much.

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March 24, 2008 at 4:31 am

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  1. Hey lazy ass… Why don’t you have pics for all your artists? AND FIX YOUR GOOD CHARLOTTE PICTURE. And… I’m STILL sleepy. And, who are these people who say you don’t listen to real r&b? My Life (song + album) are the the shit but you should’ve kept “Be Without You.”


    March 24, 2008 at 1:00 pm

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