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I love their syrupy sweet vocals and whimsical lyrics. While I prefer their first album, Room Noises, to the followup Combinations, both are great albums. It feels like a while since the Dupree sisters have been on the east coast and they probably havent been to DC since ’06. So I’m glad to be catching on their spring tour April 21st @ the 930 Club.

Jean Grae

Jean Grae is a favorite rapper of mine. In fact she’s slowly creeping into my Top 10 Overall Artists. Its seems like Jean has pretty quiet lately compared to labelmate Talib Kweli. 2008/2009 seems like it should be a busy year for her if all her projects are released. The Jeanius album, the Prom Night album, The Pheonix album (which comes after Jeanius), all the left over music we have from This Week (which is called Next Week), the left overs from Jeanius (which is Idiot). It’s gonna be a long year.

The Bird and the Bee

I’m kind of mad that I missed The Bird and The Bee when they came to town in the fall. They dropped One Too Many Hearts EP i didnt hear about in February that will hopefully tide me over until their next tour.


There has been a weird trend going on for the last 3 months, not only has Amerie been the 6th most listened artist but she beat out Nas(gasp!) I liked her last 2 albums more than most people I guess, because apparently she hasn’t been selling. Hopefully whatever she does next she doesn’t try to latch on to anything trendy again. coughLilJoncough

Jack Davey is amazing, her fusion of genres is unique as it is engaging. J*Davey has a sizable amount of material floating around without a true LP. I have no clue what J*Davey is up to this year, but hopefully they’re still on Warner Brother and hopefully they’ll be releasing something in the near future. I’d kill to see them in Philly June 7th though.


Since being dropped from Jive, Kelis has been pretty silent, but then again she usually is between albums. Kelis Was Here, grew on me but it was it was a poor attempt to reach a more mainstream audience. I’ve always loved that Kelis has tended to be left of typical r&b/pop fare. Apparently she’s dropping a new album in November, potentially named Nebula and independent dance album with Cee-Lo Green. I just hope she tries to go back to her roots and make original and well written music.

Nikki Jean

Nikki Jean is the most visible face in the Philly based band Nouveau Riche and a solo artist as well. Her work with Nouveau Riche is a pretty eclectic mix of rock and hip hop. I really want to see the band live, their Longtail EP was a good indicator of what they have in store. Nikki has a smooth voice that I cant get enough of, and an inviting personality to match. Hopefully she’s busy writing while joining Lupe on the Glow in the Dark tour.

*This post went into an entirely different direction then I anticipated.


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