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Passport Music #1 (mixtapes)

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I think its pretty stupid when people choose to ignore good music for a reason as arbitrary as accents. Pretty stereotypically American behavior, the rest of the world listens to American music but most foreign music hardly registers over here for that specific reason. Here’s an act that sounds good regardless of geographic location or accent.*

Kano is the best rapper you’ve probably never heard of. The east London rapper seemingly came out of nowhere with his 2005 debut, Home Sweet Home. Home Sweet was a fantastic album, and though Kano utilizes grime influenced beats his style is pretty accessible for non UK audiences and his delivery are straightforward unlike grime artists. Introspective tracks like “How We Livin” and “Sometimes” show off his lyrical ability and songs like “Brown Eyes” show off a lighter side without being too pop. Kano offers a realness that is missing from a lot of hip hop lately.

its so real now, ive had dreams of this album
so reality is the theme of this album
boy I dunno if ill make cream off this album
I just wanna see fans screamin and shoutin
I aint doubting my ability but sometimes I think why me particularly
What different have I got to offer lyricly?
But maybe there is something about me that the worlds dying to see
And without me, who can replace me a few can amaze me

If Kano was rapping in the US he would have been embraced by many as the next (insert dope rapper here), but because he’s in the UK a rapper as talented as he is gets overlooked. If you like rap music with a focus on the lyrics then you should least give Home Sweet Home an honest listen one time.
*This will probably be the only one I do because it was about Kano the whole time. Some people need to take a hint.

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Written by lazypen

April 7, 2008 at 3:53 am

2 Responses

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  1. PERSONALLY, I don’t think it’s necessarily stupid for some PEOPLE to not listen to get into a certain artist because of their accent. Music (like acting in many ways) is partially about delivery. If I can’t stand the tone of your voice or your ACCENT then your delivery is fucking me up. It’s not just foreign accents I can’t stand, I hate a lot of Chicago and LA accents. What I’m saying is… For a person like me, british accents (especially cockney) are extremely displeasing to my ears and I can’t make myself get past them like I can with some cruddy American accents (hey there Talib and Lupe) just to make myself like something when there’s probably a whole bunch of music out there without accents I hate that i could be checking out too. GOSH.


    April 7, 2008 at 4:04 am

  2. but, i’ve heard of him.
    i like accents, it’s certain voices and vocal tics that i can’t stand.

    c delo

    April 7, 2008 at 5:08 am

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