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Bottom of the Library (II)

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I guess this would be the successor of the Bottom of my Top 500 Overall Artists post. Last.fm has upgraded its layout and as a result I can get even more compulsive now that all my plays have been added to the new Library feature. Continuing where the last post left off

“Usually when people look at their music, they look at it in terms of their favorite artists/genres and the least favorite. I was pretty bored when I decided to take a look at some other stuff, stuff that gets ignored, its music I kind of like and artists I dont all together hate.”

Songs with 20-24 plays

20 plays

Over It – I hadn’t heard of them before I checked out their Silverstrand album. Apparently I listened to Siren on the 101 but not much else.

PackFM – My 20 PackFM plays are an example of what happens when i get obsessed with a song. I’ve heard he was pretty talented but still havent checked him out apart from Plucking Daisies.

The Coup – I have a handful of joints but i dont appreciate Boots Riley and DJ Pam the Funkstress as much as I should.

Prince & the Revolution – A bit surprised how low they are, I guess I have to revisit their discography.

Witchdoctor – He’s a pretty cocky motherfucker, and despite Adult Swim’s prodding cant really get into him apart from

21 plays

Abandoned Pools – Nostalgia can only get you so far.

Playaz Circle – 2 Things. 1) Phonte on the hook of Paper Chaser. 2) In high school Tity Boi was my favorite DTP member, I had been anticipating some solo material from him for awhile. Apparently I was a dumb ass.

22 plays

Janet Jackson – I never really bothered to check out any of her music, but is my shit.

Reks – I was dragging my feet, but I finally checked him out recently. Reks is pretty talented and put together a nice debut, I’m sure he’ll shoot up higher in no time.

Kid Cudi – Most of his plays came from deciding whether or not to keep A Kid Named Cudi mixtape. These tracks survived, Cleaveland is the Reason

Day and Nite

Spank Rock – Spank Rock and Benny Blanco > Spank Rock.

DMX – Before he became the mess he is now DMX used to be a rapper. I’ve never been a big fan but when I heard this I couldnt deny it.

Showbiz & A.G. – Can I Get a Soul Clap?

Britney Spears – Pharrell produced this shit so well that I can tolerate her for a whole song and I’m not embarassed by it.

Scarface – Shocked he’s so low, there was a time that it felt like I listened to him every night. Scarface is a legend, time to up my plays.

Timbaland & Magoo – Nostalgia must have hit hard because i used to HATE them.

Cool Calm Pete – Might have to blow the cobwebs off his stuff its been awhile. I don’t remember being particularly enthralled, but 2nd time’s a charm?

Scritti Politti – I unearthed a song they did with Mos Def and Lee Majors. Cant say I was into the rest of their music as much.

23 plays

Asher Roth – He’s not bad, DJ Cannon ruined his mixtape though.

Anonymouse – Simply put he doesnt have enough material out, Anonymouse does some cool stuff though.

Willie Evans Jr. – One of the Rawkus 50, Willie put out a decent solo effort, though I cant say he’s had a bunch of spins.

Head Automatica – Kinda cliche but I only mess with Beating Heart Baby though

Yael Naïm – Damn ipod commercials. She didn’t stick though, couldnt get into her.

Happy Daze – Some kids outta San Diego I thought were doin their thing.

Download:Listen To

24 plays

Bow Wow – I really liked the “Fresh Azimiz (Instrumental)” for awhile. Honest.

Koji Kondo – The man behind some of the most memorable tunes of my youth, Super Mario Bros music is still amazing.

System of a Down – Dont really listen to them like I used to.

Akrobatik – I listen to a little Mr. Lif but I’ve never felt the need to check out the Perceptionists or Akrobatik. A friend of mine recommended checking out Absolute Value and I have to admit its pretty well put together. I might need to check his Balance LP and some Perceptionists stuff next.

Miles Davis – My collection is kind of lacking, most of my jazz is stuff thats been sampled. I’ll have to search some new stuff out.

Queen – Surprised how low they are, I thought I rocked their songs way more.

Filter – Um…“Take a Picture”x24


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August 13, 2008 at 11:05 am

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