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Rap “From the Top” (mixtapes)

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Kansas is not really known for its hip hop scene, but 3 emcees from Topeka have caught my attention.

Stik Figa, LoveJones, Adullessence

Together they form The Only Ones crew(O’s!), but they are all pretty talented individual artists.

For the past 2 weeks Stik Figa has been close to the only thing I’ve been playing.  The Topeka native’s Tennessee roots are apparent in his accent and add an infectious nature to his raps.  Stik also has ridiculous flow and rides every beat masterfully. What I love about Stik’s music is his use of humor, self deprecation and humility. He relates everyday life trying to survive and pay bills with all these trademark styles on, “Groundhog Day”

I wake up early every morning, up so early for my due/
So we can keep these lights on and have a plate of food/
Clockin in and out of work, I’m tryna play it cool/
Pipe dreams keep leakin when I’m singin in the booth/
Tryna make the news not for robbery attempts/
Narcotic distribution, got no poverty to pimp-/
The world cold as an ice berg this gotta be the tip/
Plus I aint old or white so I’m lottery exempt/
You probably get the gist I’m just wishin on a star/
Writin rhymes on my lunchbreak sittin in the car/

Download: Stik Figa – Twentyfourseven EP

LoveJones may have moved to Chicago to make a name for himself but he still reps Topeka. Gotta love the openness of his bio, pointing out how he fell in love with hip hop and the progression of that love.

“I first fell in love with hip hop when I heard Vanilla Ice. Unfortunately being from Kansas, no one bothered to tell me or show me real hip hop. So……..take that into consideration. First two tapes I bought were Coolio’s “It takes a Thief” and The Lady of Rage’s “Afro Puffs” single. My destiny was sealed after I got introduced to Bone Thugs, Death Row, Masta Ace, G Funk, Wu Tang, Outkast, Dungeon Family, Blackstar and the Hot Boys.”

LoveJones is a pretty cool emcee, his wordplay and punches deliver and his overall rap style just appeals. His mixtape Love Potion Number 9th features him spitting over borrowed 9th Wonder beats.
Its been out for awhile but I just caught wind of it recently.

Download: LoveJones – Love Potion Number 9th

Rounding out the group is AduLLessence, he sums it up best when he says “Yeah, i’m on that east coast shit. But I’m good wit it.” LES is a talented lyricist, with a versatile style, his mixtape Life in Surround Sound is definitely worth checking.

Download: AduLLessence – Life in Surround Sound


Written by lazypen

September 9, 2008 at 4:36 am

2 Responses

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  1. You have been droppin’ some truly dope shit on your blog lately man

    uNCovered 3rd

    September 27, 2008 at 7:44 pm

  2. Also from Kansas, check out XV!

    uNCovered 3rd

    September 29, 2008 at 7:29 pm

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