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26 Things Every Hip-Hop Head Should Do Before They Die

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I saw this hip hop bucket list over at Nappy Afro that was pretty interesting and wanted to take a personal inventory of what I’ve done.

Blast “Fuck Tha Police” at least once in your lifetime

Done.  I’ve blasted every anti police rap joint there is at some point.  Especially J Dilla and NWA’s “Fuck the Police”.  Classic anti authority music.

Own at least 5 legitimate classic Hip-Hop records (see our Classic Material for some suggestions)
Working on it?  Since mp3s dont count I only have Illmatic, Lost Tapes, OB4CL, Death i Certain(personal classic).  The classics I do own are mp3s but I’m slowly copping those since i prefer cds anyway.

Attempt to make beat
Done.  I’m surrounded by friends that are pretty talented beatmakers so I’ve tried my hand a few times.  I’ve made plenty of shitty beats, I’ve got this covered.

Kick a freestyle over Lil’ Wayne’s “A Millie”
Pointless. I think this is retarded and not all that imperative. Nonetheless I have have freestyled over this worn out beat.

Celebrate mother’s day with a classic mother’s day song (“Hey Mama”, “Dear Mama”, etc.)
Done. Pretty easy given how much rappers love their mamas.  I did it a few times when I had a radio show, now Father’s Day thats a bit more of a challenge.

Listen to beef songs between rappers and decide who won (2Pac vs. subliminal Biggie jabs, Jay-Z vs. Nas, etc.)

Done.  The joints that mattered to me: Canibus beat LL.  Nas beat Jay Z.  Royce beat D-12. etc…

Use an Auto-tune device at least once.
Pointless.  Yes rappers have used auto-tune a lot in the past few years, but that doesnt make it hip hop.  I think its safe to assume that I wont regret never using autotune on my deathbed.

Own a Boombox, or at least an iPod with Boombox style speakers
Done? I never really went all Radio Raheem with a boombox, but i did obnoxiously blast my mp3 player with external speakers for others to delight in how awesome my taste is.

Do some sort of graffiti in a public place (try not to get locked up)

Fail. I havent tagged anything.  I’ve wanted to for years but I’ve never acted on the desire. This is definitely something on my list of things to do before I croak.

Visit the birthplace of Hip-Hop (Bronx, NY)

Fail. I havent visited and I cant say its ever been high on my agenda.  And I hear its supposed to be torn down or something now?

Kick a freestyle in a cipher/or battle
Done.  If you hang around hip hop heads there’s no way you haven’t attempted to freestyle at least once.  Pretty routine stuff for the people I hang with.

Learn at least a verse from “Rapper’s Delight” & a verse off Paid In Full
Fail.  I know parts of both but I have a shitty memory so I cant say I know either really with out prompting.

Own a pair of Adidas or Adidas suit
Done.  I havent rocked a pair of Adidas in a minute but I had some classic superstars back in Kindergarten.  Hip Hop and you dont stop.

Attempt to breakdance & pop lock
Done. I’ve tried to breakdance once or twice and failed miserably, I cant 6-Step to save my life.  B-Boys make it all look so simple.

Scratch a record
Nope.  I havent been around much DJ equipment so this always eludes me.  But after I saw Scratch my urge to give it a go and respect for djs increased dramatically.

Get into an argument about Hip-Hop
Done.  Happens all the time, there are too many topics of contention for it not to.  You ever take offense to some crap someone says in an argument?  “How are you gonna call yourself a hip hop head and not like Illmatic?”

Drum out a beat at a lunch table.
Done.  Shiiit this is something everyone’s done, from elementary and high school lunch tables.  I remember teachers always telling me and my friends to stop bangin on tables in class.  Hell I still bang a beat out at work when i’m bored haha.

See these movies: Style Wars, Beat Street, Krush Groove & at least know who O-Zone & Turbo are.
Fail.  Still havent seen Style Wars.  I’ve seen Beat Street mad times and caught some of Krush Groove.  Clueless on who O-Zone and Turbo are.

Attend a big music festival/concert (Rock The Bells, Hard Knock Life Tour, Up In Smoke, etc.)
Done.  Rock the Bells was one of the best experieces of my life, the diversity of the acts and the history on stage all made it worthwhile.

Educate a youngster about Hip-Hop
Done.  I considered my radio show to be a bit of an education on hip hop. And definitely try to inform my younger brother and sister on the artists that inspired what they listen to now.

Attend your favorite artist’s concert/show
Done. Nas isnt hailed as that great of a live performer but luckily the two times I’ve seen him, especially Rock the Bells were amazing shows he put on.

I think the list pretty on point minus the two glaring things


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October 15, 2008 at 11:32 pm

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  3. I think “Takeover” gets the nod over “Ether.” Nas comes off as too reliant on homophobic slurs in “Ether.” And he didn’t have a whole lot of room to talk about anything since Jay was crushing him in just about every aspect of the game at that point.

    This list is sort of silly. Why in the hell does every hip hop head have to use auto-tune? The list should be called “What everyone listening to music in 2008 should do.”

    And I don’t think there are any plans to tear the Bronx down. That would be quite a project. I assume you are talking about the apartment complex where they had lots of parties.

    Mr. Mike

    October 16, 2008 at 2:09 pm

  4. I kinda agree taht purely lyrically Takeover is the better song. But at the time Ether hit so hard, th beat especially. Even if Ether did go for some cheap lines at Jay-Z. That battle “resurrected” his career so from that perspective I also claim Nas “won”. Objectively Jay-Z’s blows were a bit superior.

    Haha the list is a bit silly but I had fun with it. I agree the autotune thing and A Millie were a bit forced but there are some things people who call themselves fans of the genre should experience.

    Yea I didnt mean the Bronx, the original version of tbis on Nappy Afro seemed to be referring to Kool Herc’s old apartment complex to me.


    October 16, 2008 at 3:11 pm

  5. If you ask me, Jay and Russell Simmons should drop a bunch of cash on the real-estate mogul buying up the place and turn it into a world-class hip hop museum.

    Mr. Mike

    October 17, 2008 at 12:55 am

  6. so i think all i really need to do is make a beat and/or scratch a record, stop missing rock da bells, and tag something. beside that i feel like i accomplished a lot- yay for me!

    eye d. vs mel o.

    October 17, 2008 at 1:55 pm

  7. How do you not own Midnight Marauders or Ready To Die?


    October 30, 2008 at 10:49 pm

  8. Gettin around to that, its hard enough supporting current acts as it is


    October 31, 2008 at 3:25 pm

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