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Pêche Noire – Pêche Noire (album)

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Listening to Hayzee opened me up to a few more talented Appletree Records artists out of Amsterdam. Amsterdam bears strange fruit apparently, Pêche Noire or Black Peach is the result of:

Appletree producers Beau Love, Louis Bordeaux and Sotu the Traveller embarked on a journey to southern France. On Beau Love’s initiative the three beat conductors packed a van full with all the equipment needed to conduct some massive beat making. Along with sound engineer Elio “Delta Beats” Debets and Appletree CEOs they set off to the scenic village of Esclauzels.
Arriving at the picturesque cottage, with a great view of nature’s finest work, Esclauzels was the perfect scene for a week filled with, relaxation, creativity, joy, inspiration and jamming.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump

Support good music, and check out Appletree’s other releases.
Check out Pêche Noire members’ solo work as well: Beau Love, Louis Bordeaux , sotu the traveller

01. Rêverie grillonaise (Sotu the Traveller)
02. Cacahuète (Peche Noire)
03. Petit early (Peche Noire)
04. Incroyable (Beau Love)
05. Boogeur (Beau Love)
06. Splendeur (Peche Noire)
07. Voyage en Bmin (Sotu the Traveller)
08. Nomono (Louis Bordeaux)
09. Sacre coeur (Beau Love)
10. Meilleur (Beau Love)
11. Rêverie de Pastis (Louis Bordeaux & Sotu the Traveller)
12. Mercredi (Peche Noire)

DOWNLOAD: Pêche Noire
Mastered by Elio Debets, Delta Beats Studio

Album Artwork:
Nessim Higson – http://www.iamalwayshungry.com


Written by lazypen

November 12, 2008 at 9:00 pm

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