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Luck-One & Dekk – Beautiful Music (EP)

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The EP definitely lives up to the name, Portland (producer) Dekk and (rapper) Luck-One created something meaningful and entertaining. If you’re feeling the music you should definitely take time and their humanitarian efforts by BUYING IT, all proceeds go to fighting poverty in Haiti.

We’re still offering it for sale online with all proceeds going to fight poverty in Haiti.
I need you to hear this.
I think….THINK, that this may be a masterpiece.
You tell me.

I feel strongly enough about the artistic integrity of this project at this point to give you the mp3 files to it free of charge.< via Luck-One>

Download + tracklist after the jump

1. 80’s Back
2. The Coolax
3. Prince Wit’ a Thousand
4. Could’ve Been Me (feat. Randa Smith)
5. Back At Long Last (feat. Immaculate)
6. Road To Destiny (feat. Immaculate)
7. When I Forget (feat. Nafisaria)

BUY: Beautiful Music

DOWNLOAD: Beautiful Music


Written by lazypen

March 25, 2009 at 12:40 pm

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  1. Hey, dope read!
    Luck-One was just named #6 on my website’s, http://www.da-what.com, Top 10 to Watch For 2010 List! Everyone should check out a write up and exclusive interview with the Portland emcee.
    Leave some comments and tell Luck & I what you think! Thanks in advance for feedback, it is much appreciated!



    July 1, 2010 at 12:01 pm

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